Star Link Communication

Bio Star-09 model of door access control system is high in demand and provides audio as well as visual confirmation of the attendance. Designed using latest technology, this model is suitable for use in offices, hospitals, factories etc. The Bio Star-09 model comes with optional mode for finger, card, PIN (Personnel Identification Number) and many more. Flexibility in configuration and ease of installation & usage, make this a popular access control device.

Finger Scanner
  • Sensor technology Optical CMOS
  • Sensing area 16.0mm x 19.0m
  • Image size(pixels) 272x320
  • Image resolution 500 dpi
  • Finger Verification Options 1:N (Only Finger)
  • Finger Template Size: 384 bytes EER < 0.1%
  • Enrollment Time 1-1.5 Sec Verifications < 0.8 Sec
  • Identification Time 1 ~ 1.5 Sec
  • Finger Print Storage: 1900

Optional Mode

  • Only Finger
  • Only Card (MIFARE/ Proximity)
  • Card with password
  • Card with Finger
  • PIN with password
  • Only PIN (Personnel Identification Number)

Star Link Communication

Star Link is a leading manufacturer of highly advanced Door Control System & Door Access Control System. Door Access Control System & Door Control System is an extremely economical option for access control every user access can be control door wise, time wise and Anti Pass Back(APB) can also be enabled for critical zones. Small sleek readers are fitted on each door along with EM lock.One controller can control 8 doors and upto 15000 users for higher doors multiple controller can be installed. Star Link Access control software simplifies management of access and generate various reports Door wise & User wise. Attendance report can also be generated with the help of Star Link Time Office Software.

Technical Specification of Door Controller:-

  • Processor : 32 Bit RISC Micro Controller.
  • Memory card support up to 1 GB for data transfer or data storage.
  • Card Enrollment 15000 records
  • 16*2 Character alpha numeric Backlit LCD with window area 15*65 mm.
  • LCD display DD-MM-YYYY,day of the week and HH:MM:SS time format.
  • Time Keeping : Build in 24 hours Quartz real time clock.
  • Power display : 12V DC
  • Screw Connector Strip make connection easy and reliable.
  • Piezo electric buzzer for accept and reject audio indication.
  • Number of Doors Control : 8
  • Numbers of Readers Connected : 16
  • Multiple Access Group to restrict access area wise.
  • Multiple Switch zone to restrict access Time wise.
  • Manual switch Options in place of out reader.
  • Door sensor option for door open time monitor.
  • Lock to controller distance : Depend on wire resistance consuit our support department.
  • Works on AC input voltage 180-260 volts 50Hz
  • Operating Temperature 5 -5 Degree Celsius.
  • Humidity 10-90 % Non - Condensing.
  • 2 Mega-Byte Flash with data storage of 62,500 Records with 8 digits alpha numeric user ID.

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